About Company

PADMINI is Pune (India) based company, engaged in manufacturing of machine tools protective covers & accessories for conventional GP & NC/CNC HMC, VMC, Turning Centres, Machining Centres, Plano, Millers & SPMs etc.

PADMINI started operations in the year 1990 and since then have developed specialization over the years in design and development of critical protection covers of indigenous & imported make by reverse engineering from the initial stage of dimension confirmation to design, manufacture, supply, and installation.

Industry Pain Areas

In today’s era of just in time inventories and production, unplanned downtime of the machine due to the sudden failure of the protective covers can cause major loses like ideal laborers, overtime, missed deadlines, loss of revenue and credibility.

What Padmini Offers

PADMINI has well-equipped state of art CAD-CAM manufacturing & testing facilities based out of office in Pune. We have a team of 25+ dedicated & highly skilled personnel which includes experienced design engineers & skilled workmen having expertise in design, assembly and installation to produce the protection covers in mass for OEM & customized covers for SPM & replacement purpose.

The key factors that differentiate Padmini from its competitors are;

A dominant player in the market for the last 25 plus years with core expertise and experience in the design, production, and installation of protective covers for any machine manufacturer in the world

Dedicated facility & delivery capability to ensure accurate products & on time delivery saving valuable downtime of the machine

Offers customized solutions for high-speed covers which no other vendor can attend

Product and Service Offerings of Padmini

PADMINI offers product design, development, installation as well as emergency breakdown repairs & refurbishing services for your protection covers like Bellows. Telescopic Covers, Telescopic Springs Rollway Covers, Apron Covers, Way Wipers, Machine Enclosures, Safety guards, Chip Conveyors & Cable Drag Chains etc. We also offer periodic schedule preventive maintenance service for keeping your valued machine's maintenance helps to maintain the precision & service life of the very costly machine parts like Ball Screws, LM Guide Ways, and Bearings & Linear Scale etc.