PADMINI Telescopic covers are sturdy, durable & designed with easily replaceable spares like wipers, dampers and guide shoes /rollers, etc PADMINI’S heavy-duty covers are equipped with friction reducing bearings, metal checkered plate, and inspection door and lifting lugs, etc.

Telescopic Covers

PADMINI provides successful end to end solution by doing reverse engineering of your all types of existing Telescopic covers of various Makes like Mazak, Makino, Okuma, Hass, Heller, WMW, Cincinnati, Stama, Deckle, Hartford, Mori Seiki, Murata and also Feeler, HMT, BFW, TAL AMS & many more.

PADMINI Telescopic Covers are manufactured using CAD-CAM systems & modern technologies. All critical parameters of the telescopic covers like initial Pulling force, acceleration, retardation, leakages, endurance (no of cycles at a specific speed ), etc. factors are considered while designing the telescopic cover for a specific requirement.

PADMINI Telescopic covers are custom built and are made of special high-grade sheet metal of thickness from 1.5 to 3.0 mm depending on mechanical stress &size of cover. For Aggressive environmental Condition, stainless steel version is also used.

Following are some Common Profiles of the Telescopic covers. Its orientation can be horizontal, vertical, cross-rail, Slanted (to deflect coolant) or dual axis.


WIPERS: PU/NBR & Metal Casing:

Dampers: NBR

Guide shoes & Rollers types:

Z Guide System:

When the telescopic cover design is without lateral width, Z guide systems helps to hold the all boxes together & guide them uniformly.

Scissor Mechanism:

For impact-free expansion/compression of telescopic covers, Scissor Mechanism is used As a result, all of the cover boxes move evenly during expansion and compression. The individual boxes move relative to each.