Repair & Maintenance


In today’s era of just in time inventories and production, unplanned downtime of the machine due to the sudden failure of the protection covers can cause major loses like ideal laborers. Over time, misses deadlines, promises dates & losses of sales profit. We offer periodic schedule preventive maintenance Program for keeping your valued machines always in good uninterrupted running condition.

PADMINI Provides AMC as well as emergency breakdown services for following Products


Our experienced team of technicians visits works as per schedule. During their visit, they open the covers, clean & lubricate the guideways and covers. Inspect the covers and as per the requirement replace the damaged/ worn out parts like wipers, shoes, rollers, guide strips and refit the cover on the machine

Refurbishing of Telescopic Covers: PADMINI rebuilds your old damaged cover into new condition at a fraction of the new one.

Typical refurbishing Services Include:

  1. 1) Cleaning & disassembly of boxes
  2. 2) Evaluation of the damaged Cover
  3. 3) Straightening of the boxes & flanges
  4. 4) Dents & Bend removal
  5. 5) Welding of boxes & flanges if required
  6. 6) Replacement of the wipers
  7. 7) Replacement of the guide shoes & rollers
  8. 8) Replacement of the brass guide strips
  9. 9) Assembly of boxes
  10. 10) Buffing & Polishing
  11. 11) Oiling, Greasing


PADMINI Undertakes refurbishing /repairing activity of your existing CNC machines.

The Services Includes:

  • 1) Replacement of ware out guide rod, bearings rollers for the smooth working of the doors assembly.
  • 2) Replacement of the existing broken glasses with imported unbreakable polycarbonates sheet.
  • 3) Replacement of ware out Door Beading
  • 4) Replacement of damaged complete Door Assembly.
  • 5) On-site Painting of the enclosure in the desired shade.


PADMINI rebuild your old damaged chip conveyor into new condition at a fraction of the new one.

Typical refurbishing/ Reconditioning Services Include.

  1. 1) Cleaning & disassembly of Chip Conveyor.
  2. 2) Evaluation of the damaged Conveyor.
  3. 3) Body Dents & Bend removal
  4. 4) Welding of the body if required.
  5. 5) Replacement of the damaged Apron plates
  6. 6) Replacement of the ware out rollers
  7. 7) Replacement of ware out rods (Axles)